Tuesday, July 15, 2014

At Last: Ruffled Tied Jersey Wrap

The back story is that two years ago I was at the fabric store with my cousin Sally and I said, here, get some of this jersey and I'll make you a jacket. Which she did, and I took it home with me, and then (enter the conflict, this one is man vs. fabric) figured out I didn't have enough to do anything with.

 A year later I realized I could make a wrap with it, so I cut it into three rectangles and laid them on top of each other, and cut out a bunch of strips to gather. But the grain wasn't straight, the strips were no fun because they twisted, and so on and so forth and the project went back in the basket.

I finally worked my way down to it this month, and got it together. I gathered those strips up, tediously uncoiled them and pinned them in place, then used button and craft thread to stitch them down with a chain stitch.

Last, I sewed ties to the two short ends, and then surprised myself by *loving* this wrap. First, it looks astonishingly like piped chocolate ganache, always a win. Second, it's so heavy and drapey with all the layers and ruffles. Third, it's finished!

Sally, it'll be on its way shortly!


Lisa said...

Very elegant looking.


Vija said...

Lucky Sally! That's scrumptious.

Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous! Looks vintage.

Heather Job said...

Beautiful! I love that it is casual enough to wear with jeans but classy looking enough to wear for a special night out. Brilliant!

Rebekah said...

So elegant, Anna! I have this wrap on my "To Make" list, but don't have quite the right fabric for it just now. I have considered a lot of embellishment possibilities, but after seeing this, I will almost certainly go with ruffles. Lucky Sally, indeed!

Chuck Berwick said...

Anna, sooooooo excited. It crossed my mind a time or two "I wonder what happened to that fabric?", but I don't like to rush creativy. It is beautiful!!! Can't wait to get it. So pretty.

Fiona said...

It's gorgeous, you must be so glad you came back to it.

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