Thursday, July 31, 2014

"In This Town, Betty Owns Lemon Pie"

[image from Garden & Gun]

"I learned very early that women competed against each other culinarily and that recipes were like currency. It's like, You can't make lemon pie because in this town, Betty owns lemon pie. And that's when I started to really understand food and understand the value of food and what it meant to Southern identity."

--interview with Alton Brown,
Garden and Gun (August/September 2014)


Polly said...

Yes! I know women who will 'slightly modify' a recipe before handing that the original cannot be replicated.

In my small Southern town Allison owns the pound cake, Bonnie owns the rice pudding, Jane owns the skillet apple pie. I guess I own gluten-free...which is why we all get along.

Marlaine said...


Lisa said...

So, what does Anna own, in your town? The women in my acquaintance (neighborhood, workplace) don't make things from scratch much, so I think I can own anything I want.


seashoreknits said...

Oh so true.
Off the top of my head, caramel cake,squash bisque and a coconut cake are just a sample of the dishes that are absolutely trademarked and copyrighted in our small Southern town.

Carolyne said...

Alton Brown.....(sigh) outstanding~!

Farrah said...

I was just about to post about his interview! That was a great article. I'm contemplating driving to Athens to see his show.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I'm a Yankee!

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