Monday, August 11, 2014

Messy Kitchen, Happy Family

Cooking together--one of the great joys of family life. We had guests for dinner tonight, so Clara cubed a watermelon (Daisy gnawed the rinds), while Bella finished the leek-potato-bacon pizzas that only she can turn out.


Mary Brooke said...

Bella, those pizzas sound amazing. Recommend any youtube videos for that kin d of pizza? Anna, I turned 44 very recently
:-) Mary Brooke in Atlanta, also with 5 children

Rose said...

Daisy got a good deal!

That tea cosy (?) to Daisy's right looks fun. I have a book of similar patterns and keep meaning to get around to one, maybe you've inspired me.

Julian said...

All three girls in the kitchen! What fun! Christina

Lucille said...

I like your kitchen window very much. I don't think I have seen it before.

Barbara said...

I find help in the kitchen to be the best kind. Usually, however, I just have a man, or man-child, looking to get a taste.

I love your big window!

boysmamma said...

I have read your beautiful blog for several years. After reading your graduation post a few months ago (congratulations!), I just had to ask a question I have wanted to ask you many times when you write about your kids:

How have you helped them find their passion?

I find your children so unique in that they each have a clearly defined passion and seem to be pursuing it with diligence and excellence. What a gift to begin their young adult lives knowing the direction they are heading! As our oldest becomes a teenager this summer, I so desire to help encourage him in his giftings and guide him towards God plan for his life. I have homeschooled both my boys until this semester, our oldest began attending a private Christian school, mainly because we have lived overseas for the last three years and he was really wanting to go. I still homeschool our first grader.

So, I can imagine you are very busy but if you do have time to write a blog post about this, I would be so grateful! And I am also wondering if you limited screen time (tv, computer, phone, etc) with your kids and if that correlates with them finding their passion?

Thanks for your time,

Anna said...

boysmamma, I will do that soon. In the meantime, here is something I wrote a while ago:

Melissa said...

What a lovely kitchen photo, so much light and a huge workplace for everyone to be involved! I'm sure you're all enjoying the time spent with all 3 girls still at home for a while.

Farrah said...

How fun!

As you are well aware, I'm wanting the same answer to boysmamma's questions.

TheTayloress said...

How do you keep your copper so shiny?
Any tips on polishing tarnished ones?
I love the warm glow, and have been collecting pieces for our home; but the pots in my windowsill have spots from the water spray.

Thanks for sharing bits of your warm home life!!
This scene remind me of "home"; a big airy window, and an island covered with dinner preparations, surrounded with my sisters.


Anna said...

Tayloress, the copper's not at all perfect! It gets tarnished and spotted and covered with the green gunk. I just keep it til it's too yucky then look for more at the thrift store :)

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