Friday, September 12, 2014

Cake, Cake, and Cake

Felix is home for the weekend, and will be going back to a houseful of hungry college friends, so I made cake, cake, and cake. Mocha cake decorated with huge malted milk balls. Molasses cake cut into dark squares.

And the Dundee cake (a Scottish fruit-filled cake) was still in the oven.

All the recipes were from Jane Brocket's Vintage Cakes, which I adore, but the mocha cake recipe had some weirdness you will need to correct (change 1 1/28 cup sugar to the more doable 1 1/4. Also, there's too much batter for a single layer; make two).


Farrah said...

Lucky boy!

Julian said...

Loving from the oven! I HAVE 4 BOYS. Lol. This will be well received when Felix goes back! Christina

Rose said...

Isn't it wonderful cooking cake when you have an appreciative table full of eaters.

Lucille said...

They must be what we call Maltesers but yours look as if they are covered with dark chocolate. How did Daisy's pickles do?

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