Monday, September 01, 2014

Labor Day Brunch and the Rest of the Day

Several years ago we fell into the tradition of a big Labor Day brunch. Brunch is good, because when else are you going to make a quiche and/or cook truly *enough* bacon? We also had sticky buns, dried cherry scones with clotted cream, turkey sausages, and lots of cut-up fruit. And coffee and cocoa and orange juice.

And it seemed like there were a lot of people--Baby J in his high chair, and grandparents, and Felix and a friend. I did several rounds of dishes afterwards, and the Monday laundry, and then people started going home, and then the Composer built a bench out at the pool, and suddenly, at bedtime, things are quiet again.


Julian said...


Farrah said...

That sounds like a most lovely time. Where did you find clotted cream?

Elaine said...

Sounds like a lovely day full of joy and contentment.

Lisa said...

What a delicious looking quiche.


Rose said...

I love brunch, I'm one of those people who orders a "breakfast" anywhere breakfast is served all day. It's a nice option for entertaining isn't it? It's enjoyable but still leaves space in the day.

Is the quiche a quiche or a frittata since is has no pastry? I guess the answer is a little like debating the ways we probably each say "tomato". ;)

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