Saturday, October 25, 2014

Alabama Chanin Rose Skirt: Gunmetal Gorgeousness

I started a beaded skirt in August and it was my trusty handwork companion through the fall. Now it's far enough along to be worn, though I do plan to continue embellishing it (probably until it's so heavy it won't stay on my hips!) because beading is fun.

It's the Alabama Chanin four-gore skirt cut to tea length. The top is finished with foldover elastic--I found a perfect color match on etsy. Too bad I had to buy ten yards--let me know if you need some, seriously.

I have decided that the four-gore skirt is not my favorite. The center seam down the front is awkward for me. Skirts from now on with be six-gore, with smooth center panels front and back and plenty of flare. Plenty of room for beads and embroidery!


Lisa said...

It looks great! I intend to make a six-gore skirt, too. I have some of the rose fabric.


Matushka Anna said...

Ooh, I love the color!

Lisa said...

Anna - I don't think I've asked you this - do you ever used a lesser brand of jersey for the inside layer, to save money or whatever?


donaleen said...

How are Frederick and Fitzwilliam doing? Haven't seen much about them lately. I miss hearing about them.

Wendi said...

I've just worn the 4gore skirt twisted around so that it has flat pieces in front and back, and the others on the sides. So basically, the seams are running down the legs, not your middle.
Your work is lovely, by the way!

the momma said...

beautiful!! I'm not a fan of the seam down the center either, so I made my 4 gore into a 3 gore, by making the front 1 panel (There was very little shaping in that center seam anyways) and the back 2. Took some tweaking, but I got the fit just right :-)

Anna said...

Lisa, yes, I've done that.
Wendi: smart!

Reinventing Mother said...

I would love to see a fuller picture of how this fits you! I love full skirts, but my hips tend to be the widest part of my frame. Although I am not heavy, they still seem to be a constant source of irritation:). Enough I am self conscious.

Lisa said...

Yes, Wendi is cleverer than I am - such an obvious thing, too. :D


Polly said...

I think I'd prefer a 6-gore, too; I made one accidentally when I cut my first skirt too small and then added a couple more to fill things out (half-sized). It was weird but it worked. I'm wearing it now, in fact!

So is this a full-on double-layer of the same jersey top and bottom?

Lisateresa--I *always* do it that way, at least at this point! The skirt I'm wearing now has an outer layer of red jersey, with the underlayer, if you will, of black jersey from a tee shirt from the film department of the university where I got my master's degree in poetry....I found it at the thrift store! I like to find tee shirts that are enormous and have special meaning. I bought one not long ago that says "you are in the presence of genius" on's great for secret encouragement! ;)

Lisa said...

Polly, I'm learning a lot here - I guess it's not an issue to get a tee with writing on it. It won't show! Another thing I wouldn't have thought of.


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