Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Boys in the House

Home for the weekend, hurray! Science reading, science talk, chainsawing, eating,

card games, clearing brush, and tickling Daisy.

That's the kind of weekend we like.


Davene Grace said...

Oh, I bet Daisy was relishing that sibling time! Must be a little different for her this year, being the only child at home.

I'm the youngest in my family, and I remember how it felt when my next oldest sibling went away to college and left me behind.

With that said, there's something special about being the only child around to get Mom and Dad's attention though. ;-)

Rose said...

How good to see the boys home! I'll bet you all had a great time catching up, I can see that Daisy is enjoying seeing her big brothers.

Very smart glasses Felix.

Julian said...

Since reading your blog for a few years I cannot believe how grown up your boys are! (But I can't believe mine eaither!;))
This is the best kind of weekend! Enjoy!

Jessica said...

Beautiful family. :-) When in the world did your boys become such grown men? :-D

the momma said...

very nice! We love it when our grown kids come home, although it doesn't happy nearly enough....

~ Tracy

Emma said...

Daisy is blessed to have big brothers like them. I've always wanted an older brother. Unfortunately, that request is harder for my parents to fulfill than a younger brother or sister. Hahaha. I hope one day I'll find someone to "adopt" as my big brother. :)

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