Friday, December 19, 2014

Garland Do-Over

My garland of yesteryear fell off its string when I picked it up out of the box. So I've been restringing the wool circles on perle cotton. I've made about five miles of it, which is too much, but it's lots of fun. 


Lisa said...

I like it this way; your whole setup in these photos is very pretty.


Melissa said...


maven said...

That looks super!

I hope that you and your family enjoy the holidays very much.

Merry Christmas

maven said...

I made a paper garland similar to this for my 2 daughters at college for Valentine's Day last year and they just loved it! It added happiness to the dorm hallways. I made about 25 feet and they hung it on the outside of their doors, around their mirrors, etc. Mine used heart shapes stitched on a sewing machine. I used up a lot of old (and sometimes a bit yellowed) "romantic style" greeting card fronts, scrapbook paper, double layers of thinner paper, orphaned sheet music, etc. It was a fun way to use up some of the old bits and bobs of stuff that I had around. It looked really BIG on display, but was very light and was easily sent in a smallish envelope. It was easily customized to their interests, too. Thanks for reminding me - maybe I will try something from felted wool this year.

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