Monday, December 01, 2014

Purple Velveteen

I found a cotton velveteen dress at the thrift store and brought it home because I can't resist really good fabric. Purple velveteen--where am I going to find that around here?

Turns out it was a Laura Ashley (that explains the quality). But the cut was so weird, I couldn't tell the front from the bag. So I lopped off the bodice, added a side zip, and had a luscious skirt for Clara.


Rose said...

It's most excellent with the boots and cardigan.

Lisa said...

It looks great.


Anonymous said...

ha! That may have been my maid of honor's dress from 1988 :) Splurged on a delicious purple velveteen Laura Ashley dress for my dearest friend.

(an October engagement, December wedding...25 years later going strong!. My dress was constructed of heavy ivory faille taffeta by my theater roommate. Mom and I decorated on a shoestring with lemons, purple and red grapes, ivory roses, balsam and magnolia. Just in case you wondered :)

Kimberlee said...

Oh, that is luscious! You are so brave (and encouraging) with your lopping. :-) Clara looks lovely.

Farrah said...

Love Laura Ashley! It lasts forever.

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