Monday, January 12, 2015

Patchwork Curtains Quilt, Finished

So I took the patchwork curtains down from my window, joined them, and started sewing strips around them. I made a huge quilt top. Clara and I quilted the whole thing before she left, and here it is.

 The patchwork section is just the size of the top of the double bed mattress. After that it's strips.

 It's all quilted in perle cotton, red and green and hot pink. The binding was a coup--an old linen dress of my mothers stuck in my stash. I had previously asked myself, "What will I ever use that for?" I should know by now that the answer is always, "Something just right."

And here it is in an awkward vertical--the two tallest people in the house holding it off the edge of the stage.


Lisa said...

Very, very nice. Just right.


Anonymous said...

When handquilting, do you use a frame? If not, how do you do it? I come here first thing each day for inspiration, I never leave uninspired! Thank you.

Anna said...

We don't use a frame, instead all the layers are safety-pinned together and we just hold the part in our laps that we are working on. We quilt all the way across one row at a time, working our way from one side to the other, so that we can keep any excess pushed ahead of us so everything stays neat.

Farrah said...

I can't see my husband approving of patchwork curtains. He can't stand my toile in the living room as it is. He'd prefer the gorgeous quilt!

Josephine's Girl said...

Very pretty quilt!

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