Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rose Jersey: Beaded Border

I'm taking another class in Formal Poetry Writing and loving it. When it comes to writing poetry, I blossom within constraints. Also, I love the class because I am doing beadwork while listening, talking, and making notes.

This is one of the panels of Clara's next jersey dress, the one she knit an incredible lace sweater to wear with. The beading has become heavier than this--this is only two passes (with two kinds of beads) and I think there will be at least five. For scale, the border is currently about two inches deep. That will change too.


Rose said...

It's good to hear you are enjoying your class Anna, I hope you'll share some of your writing from that.

I remember the lace "sweater" (I would say "jumper") Clara knitted, it will be delightful with this! Perhaps "Rose jersey" is the best kind?


Lisa said...

So this is one layer, Anna? It looks very nice.


Rebecca said...

Shall we expect to see a sonnet soon? I love formal poetry for the same reason: the constraints of form. I used to take my knitting to literature classes in college. It helped me stay focused. One professor volunteered that he would like a scarf in the color of the tea cosy I was knitting: because it would match his eyes. So my next project (after finals) was a navy cabled scarf! Happy poetry class and happy handwork, Anna!

Mother B said...

That is just gorgeous and the sweater is breathtaking! How I love the color! Clara will look lovely!

Lisa said...

I know nothing of your poetry; but you definitely "blossom within constraints", and I have thought so many times, although not with those words. You blossom within the constraints of your self-imposed schedule at home, fitting in so many things during the day, all in their time slots; just like a monk or nun in their cloister, who live their days to the rhythm of a higher order, and, while their strict timetable may seem constraining to many, they flourish within it.


Anna said...

Lisa, this is just one layer. And thank you for the lovely compliment!

Rebecca, I don't think I'm going to post any here :) but I am working on a book-length manuscript--almost halfway done now!

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