Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Teas I've Been Enjoying

I made a point this month of stepping out and trying some new teas, beyond my usual PG Tips in the morning pot, and Cream Earl Grey in the afternoon. Here's what I've enjoyed:

I ordered this from It's kind of smoky, only needs to be brewed for three minutes, and I've been craving it around 3:00 during this winter afternoons. I drink mine with milk.

A standard black breakfast tea, almost as hearty as PG Tips. I like it! I actually picked mine up at TJ Maxx, but it's widely available. Or order it.

This is a wonderful just-before-bed tea. More floral and honeylike than chamomile, it feels very European to me. I buy my boxes at an Eastern European grocery store when we go to visit Clara, but you can also order it online.


Tracy said...

Yorkshire Tea is my absolute favourite black tea. I think their regular variety is stronger than the Gold and is my preference even if it is only available in teabags. One cup a day is enough. The rest of the day I enjoy herbal blends from my local tea shop.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

PG Tips is nice, but if you like a hearty black tea, give Irish Breakfast a try. Yorkshire Gold is lovely too.

I'm not much for the smoky teas, but that Linden tea sounds very nice too.

Glad you are enjoying some new varieties. I know it is easy to get into a rut, drinking your favorites!


kath said...

The Linden tea sounds wonderful. I'll need to try that one. Right now, my favorite is Ambessa Safari Breakfast tea from Harney & Sons for my afternoon tea and Irish or Scottish Breakfast tea for the mornings. Safari Breakfast is a lovely mellow flavored tea and the others are caffeinated enough to get me going in the morning!

Lisa said...

I agree with Mrs. Rabe - Irish Breakfast is a nice, strong tea. I always keep it handy and like to have some on stormy days, like yesterday's snow.


I also keep the spicy ones on hand, like chai, and Bigelow Constant Comment.

Linda said...

If you enjoy Linden tea, there is a lovely Linden Rose tea by LOV Organic, which is made by a French company in Harfleur, France. My two favorite black-base floral teas are Twinings Lady Grey and a new one called Rose Garden; the fragrance of rose blended with a light black tea is simply wonderful. For a special day, Mariage Freres Lily Muguet is a very aromatic white loose tea; it reminds me of Easter!

Jean | said...

I love tea and enjoy hearing what teas other people are drinking. The tea I drink most often (every day) is Twinings loose leaf Earl Grey, but I like to slip in a little Twinings loose leaf English Breakfast and Darjeeling and loose leaf Yorkshire Gold once in a while.

Kate said...

Thank you for the tea ideas. I have a small collection of English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Scottish Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Prince of Wales, Oolong, orange spice, black, and various herbal concoctions. Unfortunately, caffeine hates me so I only imbibe a few times per week on the black teas.

Farrah said...

I thought of you on Friday when at Trader Joe's as they carry a half caff/half decaf.

Gracemom said...

A family owned business started here in Austin, Tea Embassy, sells the most wonderful teas. Their pomegranate and black currant teas (black teas with pomegranate and black currant flavoring) smell divine and are delicious. They are always having free shipping days (at least once a month) and it is a great opportunity to try a little but of something new. There are so many wonderful teas out there (their C.S. Lewis is a wonderful breakfast blend(.

Polly said...

I adore teas, and live just around the corner from the most adorable tea shop--which is funny because I'm out in the country!

My go-to in the morning is cream earl grey, unless I am super-tired, and then I get Yorkshire gold (loose-leaf, from the English Tea Store). A couple of cups of Yorkshire Gold and I am AWAKE! Sometimes I like Irish breakfast as well. In the afternoons I like our local tea shop's decaf (or caf) strawberry tea.

My British sister-in-law, who lives in the US now, drinks PG Tips and adores it!

seashoreknits said...

I've enjoyed black teas for many years, but made the switch to green tea almost 10 years ago. Only ocassionally do I drink black tea blends now. After trying many many varieties of green tea, I came across Newmans Own Royal green tea and think it is the best - very very smooth and full bodied.

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