Tuesday, February 03, 2015

More from Flourless

We've been very happy with the baking from Flourless. Bella made the Coconut Cake (this was just before the Chocolate Ganache Glaze was added). It disappeared quickly.

The cake is structured around flaked coconut, eggs, and a little bit of cornstarch, and the ganache can be beautifully dairy-free made with nice chocolate and coconut cream from the can. 


Farrah said...

Oh is Bella back? That looks wonderful. I must see if the library has this book.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic, but eager to know whether you still have Frederick?

Your blog is richest of food for eye and heart and soul and mind. Ever glad it's here..


Anna said...

Oh yes, Bonnie. He delights us every day!

The Journey said...

no recipe? It looked very good.

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