Saturday, March 14, 2015

More Fun in Florence

Last night I literally dreamed about jersey. After breakfast we headed back to Alabama Chanin. I had to finish looking at the swatch books.

These samples are all so beautiful to see and handle in person. Look at the saturation of these different shades of red that make up this Facets design.

And I love the red peeking through the apple green in this one.

I found myself really drawn to the appliquéd samples. Which is too bad, because it's my least favorite technique. Too hard to keep up with all the little bits and get them placed correctly. But my, it makes for a beautiful piece.

I had never been particularly interested in either the Vitae stencil *or* the spiral embroidery, but I just love this combination. The figures are appliquéd on, and the negative spaces are filled with spirals! It's just enough.

And look at this sample of Climbing Daisy worked in light on dark! With some sequins sewn in the mix. Also love the effect of working it down from the top--imagine that from the neckline of a dress, front or back.

Finally I settled down to the serious business of choosing what to buy. 

The moody blues definitely led today. I picked out several, including this baby blue (it's deeper in person), and some silvery-plummy "pewter."

After lunch we wandered around Florence, which is full of great old buildings, many of which have awesome names in the doorways.

One building used to be a glorious department store, and its elevator doors are still glamorously intact.

We did go to Muscle Shoals and visit the most famous music recording studio. It's just the building now, with a few defunct instruments left around. But it draws people from all over. While we were there one very talented musician had his guitar with him and sang and played in the studio just for the fun of making music in the same place all those greats had been in. This may be the only place I have crossed paths with Paul Simon--just a few decades late.


Rose said...

My goodness, I'm excited abut these and I don't even sew! Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

What a delightful trip you had. Living here in NJ that trip would be a bit much, but one of these days I'll get back to NYC's fabric district.

kath said...

It looks like a wonderful time! I think this is going to go on my bucket list. Hmm, my son is only 4 1/2 hours away in GA....

Mana Laura said...

Makes me wish I sewed! And, the lovely grey top you are wearing in this post - did you make it? It's stunning!

Lisa said...

Did your good husband enjoy the place at all? I ordered some leaf green for myself.


Jan said...

I just read today and yesterday's posts about Alabama Chanin and Florence, Alabama. I lived in Florence about 13 years ago (pre-AC era), so the pics of the downtown area were so familiar -- been to all those places! Worked in Muscle Shoals -- know the music studio, etc! After moving away from there, discovered AC and have made some items from her patterns. Thank you for a wonderful trip down memory lane and possibly a re-kindling of my interest in AC crafting!

Lisa said...

Oh, you are in my hometown! I actually work in the Rogers Department Store building. Our offices are housed on the 2nd floor, so I use those elevators daily, ha! Having grown up in Florence, I have fond memories of my mother taking me shopping at Rogers as a little girl. I loved riding those elevators even then! I hope you enjoyed your stay in our little corner of Alabama.

Wendi said...

I looks like there is some type of netting or tulle stitched over the climbing daisy design. Is there?
And which skirt pattern are you wearing? I love how full it is. It looks very comfortable. You look entirely elegant in this post, by the way!

Anna said...

Mana Laura--yes, I made my shirt from an inexpensive sweater knit I found at Hancock's.

Lisa, leaf green sounds great! Yes, my husband had a good time. He enjoys good design of all kinds. Plus, he's very patient!

Wendi--thanks! That's a four-gore skirt from the third AC book. I don't recommend it though--I prefer the six-gore skirt without a center seam front and back. I think the sequins were on some kind of net background. It is an interesting touch, but I think the net would actually wash and wear away. AC sells normal sequins now--I got some silver!!

Polly said...

All those samples look so delicious. My best friend from college, who is from Florence and now lives in Florida, and I are plotting our own trip to the Shoals area (to stay with her sweet mom!). If we actually make it a reality, I will dive into the samples with reckless abandon. This makes me want to go back!

I think the girl holding the other end of your jersey helped me, too--she had such a perfect Alabama accent.

Such lovely photos! And I love your hair.

Polly said...

Oh! And the Paul Simon comment made me laugh. A sign outside our hotel noted that Mick Jagger & the rest of the Rolling Stones had stayed there several decades ago, and I made a comment to my husband that it was the only time Mick and I had crossed paths. I had to photograph that historical-marker-placard to send to my father, just for fun.

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