Thursday, April 16, 2015

Daisy and the Goats

The light was perfect for some photos tonight.

Nutmeg's face is changing from dark to light.

You can't tell, but Dixie Trixx has lost almost all of her "fluffy pants."

 And little white Bonnie, who always comes last because of her lame leg, is as sweet as ever.


Sherry said...


Unknown said...

"Daisy and the Goats" sounds like a great name for a music album!

Rose said...

Daisy's face is changing too, a little bit grown-up girl and a lot Daisy. :)

Julian said...

Look at her! Toothy grin and sweet smile! Christina

Anonymous said...

She is so sweet ! Cinzia, from Italy

Farrah said...

So joyful! I love it! She is the spitting image of you.

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