Thursday, June 25, 2015

Magdalena Stencil: Reverse Applique

I had enough wine-colored scraps left over from Clara's dress to cut out a long bolero. I stenciled the pieces using the "Magdalena" stencil--my absolute favorite because of the graceful, feminine flow.

I'm stitching around each shape just outside the painted line, then cutting away all of the painted shape. This is the perfect technique for you if you're not totally happy with your stenciling job--it's all removed! I've even put my design on with just a black sharpie, since it all gets cut away. Try it!

1 comment:

Polly said...

Reverse applique is my favorite technique because I think it looks so elegant when it's tonal--and I LOVE the process of cutting away!

The Magdalena stencil is my top contender for trying next. I love the way it looks in all the photos I've seen. I'm also loving the New Leaves (I think that's it's name) stencil. It is simple, contemporary and fresh.

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