Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Alabama Chanin A-Line Dress

I found two sets of jersey sheets at the thrift store--and with two flat sheets to work with, was able to try out the Alabama Chanin A-Line dress from Natalie Chanin's latest book.

It's very, very A-line, and though I took in the seams down to the hips, it's still a lot of garment floating around out there. It's very comfortable, but not really me. I will, however, wear it to swan around the house on occasion in the summer.

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Anonymous said...

I made an A-line skirt once that was just too flouncy for me. I like things to be more streamlined and simple. Did you see the journal or blogpost that showed Alabama Chanin fabric and techniques used with the Merchant and Mills Factory dress pattern? That looks really wearable to me. I really like the Merchant and Mills patterns Dee/NY

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