Monday, August 17, 2015

Piecing a Log Cabin Quilt: Ashes and Roses

I frequently find that one quilt top leads to another . . . hence this second version of Ashes of Roses. I'm calling this one Ashes *and* Roses, because I actually segregated the pinks and the grays in fine log cabin style. Not my usual. 

We will start quilting when the temperature drops just a little bit more, although I can't miss this opportunity of saying Thank You Lord!! for the coolest middle of August I can remember.


Rose said...

The Rose part of the quilt is particularly lovely. :D

I'm glad the heat is somewhere, I'm looking forward to spring.

Sarah said...

I just love the shades of rose and gray together. You have such a knack for choosing colors that compliment each other perfectly!

Carol said...

You do indeed have a talent for choosing perfect color combinations. (MD)

Anna said...

Thank you!

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