Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Log Cabin Quilt Top: Cabin in the Clouds

Clara and I pieced this long-imagined log cabin quilt top on Saturday--pale blue center squares set in pale neutrals set in all kinds of white. Cabin in the Clouds!

Fifty-six squares, set off by strips (don't ask me why, it took forever). Soon to be backed by pale blue sateen and hand-quilted.


jenny_o said...

I love that you name all your quilts. May I ask "when" do you name them - before you start, in the middle, or at the end?

Anonymous said...

So pretty. Can't wait to see it quilted!

The Mayo Family said...

Beautiful! What size-ish then are the blocks? Can you show a bigger picture?
Just yesterday I was on your blog going thru the 'quilt' section as I always get inspired to just do my favorite "log-cabin" I love them and how you just do the strips and do not get all caught up if there is a wee lil-size difference! Thanks for sharing! Are these the 3" strips?
Have a blessed day~

Jenny said...

Such calming colours! It reminds me of the beach.

Anna said...

Jenny, I usually name them in the middle, or close to the end of piecing, when I can tell what the quilt is saying to me. But this time, before I ever picked up a piece of fabric, I described the quilt to Clara and she said, "Cabin in the Clouds!" And she was right.

Lori, I only EVER work with three-inch strips because that's the plastic ruler I have! So these blocks are 10" square (I piece with 1/2 inch seams).

Rose said...

Beautifully done as always Anna, I agree with Clara's summation of the colours and piecing.

May I ask, do you still write your creative pages in the mornings in order to prepare for the day's creative moments?

Anna said...

I do, Rose! In fact, I'll be doing today's as soon as the tea finishes brewing :)

jenny_o said...

Thanks - the names are fascinating to me. They always seem just right, and it also seems just right that something with so much work in it should have a name to begin with.

Rose said...

Ahha, that explains your continuing creative output Anna.

When you first mentioned this I was, coincidentally enough, reading Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way" but I was very unsure about me doing things artistic. Cameron set that right and your mention of noting the previous day's creative moments and what you hoped to do in the day ahead prompted me to adopt the practice. My focus is on knitting, idea generation and non-fiction writing.

That early morning focus really revs up my creative mind. I recommend this practice to any of your readers.

Thanks Anna.

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