Monday, February 01, 2016

Big Sister, Little Sister

Clara pretty much has Sister's number. Sister is powerless in her arms.

Also, Clara has a special secret hold where she gathers Sister's back paws and tail all in one bouquet of kitteny softness.


The Believing Wifey said... How Cute is this!!

Lisa said...

Clara is a brave girl to wear that lace sweater near somebody with claws. Kitteny soft or no. Very cute, though.


Anonymous said...

"Kitty softness". So very true!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Anna this is just so unbearably, deliciously cute! What a distraction that little bundle of cuddles must be, I'd spend all day playing with her and let the house go to rack and ruin! And I bet Clare knitted that beautiful lacy sweater herself...hope it survives Kitty's claws! Best wishes from Angela

Rose said...

Ah yes I too am familiar with that hold. :) Clara may also know the "four paw clinch"? Gather all four paws in the palm of one hand, gently draw together, then "scritch" the ears and chin with the free hand.

Unknown said...

So sweet! Christina

jenny_o said...

Oh, so sweet :)

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