Friday, February 19, 2016

The One-Minute Jacket

Yes, this is a one-minute jacket. It's a thrift-store tee shirt (with some spandex in it) cut up the middle and pinned back together. 

Pin it at the waist if you like, or under the bust to emphasize the ribcage, or leave it open.


seashoreknits said...

Clever! Instant chic! this looks wonderful on you
and the color matches your dress absolutely perfectly
thanks for the idea, Anna!

seashoreknits said...

Anna, on an unrelated (yet still sewing related) topic:
have you happened upon this article about the oldest known woven garment?
It's a linen chemise
It's fascinating! Best of all, the London museum housing it has provided a pattern to make your own.
It has me intrigued -

Lisa said...

The little star is perfect there! It's hard to tell - did you leave the neckline ribbing on? It looks tucked in. It looks very well on you!


Wendy said...

Brilliant idea! I'm going to try that.

L. said...

It looks lovely! But I'm so confused, what way is it cut?

Anna said...

Lisa, yes, I just tucked the ribbing under. It stays in place nicely.

L, I just cut it up the middle--like going from a pullover to a cardigan.

sarah said...

So clever, and it looks wonderful.

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