Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Another Kid for Daisy

Daisy had been wanting another kid to bottle-feed, for her 4H Record Book. Fortunately, her friend Lanie's goat gave birth to four at once--three big boys and one little girl. Lanie sent one of the boys over here to give mama goat a break, so Daisy's got Roger here at the house. 

The responsibility was overwhelming at first but he's been quick to catch on to the bottle. And even better, content to stay in the pasture with Daisy's three goats. Because he's so little, if he wanted to slip out and wander, he could.


Lisa said...

Goats have funny eyes, don't they? The pupils. I'm glad Daisy stuck it out through the difficulty. :)


Julie said...

Just wondering, since I've raised goats a long time myself, how the other goats reacted to the newcomer? Usually that's kind of hairy in the beginning.

Connie said...

Oh, goats are so much fun . . . I'm sure that Roger and Daisy are going to fall in love :)

Laura Lane said...

Good for Daisy! We had a goat that was raised as a bottle baby. She was like having a poison ivy eating dog!

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jenny_o said...

That hoof - so tiny and sweet! Although I suppose it will get bigger and more formidable :)

Daisy is a good goat-kid mom.

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