Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Weekend in Alabama

The Composer and I are off on a short trip away to Florence, Alabama which is home, as you may know, to the Alabama Chanin jersey company. We'll be hitting The Factory pretty hard tomorrow.

Tonight there was just time for a bountiful dinner at Yumm, an Asian restaurant. We were full of plans to go to Odette, but it was closed for renovations and we will miss it, sad face.

I couldn't believe how much food the Composer ordered (and ate). Then we strolled around the University of Northern Alabama campus, which was beautifully lit.

Jersey. Tomorrow.


seashoreknits said...

I thought I recognized that fountain!
My niece graduated from UNA - it is so pretty
Have a wonderful time in lovely Florence!

Melissa said...

Lovely to have time alone with your husband!

Unknown said...

Awe have a great time!:)

Jan said...

Florence is a great place to visit (or live)! My daughter lives there with her family and another daughter attended UNA. Have fun with Natalie!

Unknown said...

Have a great time!
I made it to the AC factory once, and would love to go again!

jklucas said...

Welcome to Alabama! Looks like we turned down the humidity a tad just for your visit.

Rose said...

I'm always caught up short for a moment and then entertained by some of the US's city names -- Athens, Florence, Paris etc. Have a wonderful time the two of you, I know you'll love seeing Chanin again Anna.

Composer those kumara chips look delish.

Carol said...

Enjoy the time away with your husband and the campus is a beautiful sight after dark.

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