Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Carol Throws a Party

Carol threw a beautiful party to celebrate her daughter's wedding. 

Given the hideous heat, it was good to be up high outside of town.

Carol has known me for thirty-two years, and she still can't believe how many tablecloths I own.

Some of the finished flowers. Home stuff with grocery store discounts thrown in. Always wisteria tendrils. You can't buy that kind of awesomeness.

The groom, and David (the bride's little brother).

Beautiful Carol. She made the cakes (chocolate, and tres leches), and most of the food. Although like a good Southerner, she got her barbecue at the oldest place in town.

"Do you want me to throw some hydrangeas on that cake?"


 Bella (or Angelina Jolie?)



Anonymous said...

Everything is so simple and beautiful ! Cinzia

Melissa said...

Lovely place for a celebration. How wonderful for "old" friends to create something so nice. Lots of changes taking place in your childrens'/adults' lives.

K. Anne said...


I feel like I have seen David on here before....when he was 'little'! Where has the time gone?

Unknown said...

You are blessed to have such a lovely friendship. Everything is simple and beautiful.

Lisa said...

Yes, David has grown! Still a blondie, though. That's an appealing-looking spot for a party. I see your birdies came along with your tablecloths.


connie kennedy said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Lisa Beth W. said...

What lovely scenery, with all the flowers, stone walls, wood, lights, and all the beautiful faces.

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