Friday, July 29, 2016

Raw Stairs

The last step, if you will, in our toy-room-to-library transformation has been the reclamation of the stairs that go up from the sewing room to the new library. They've always been carpeted, until now.

This summer Clara and I ripped the carpet up, painstakingly removed every staple and nail, then turned them over to the Composer who had the supremely messy job of sanding them with a major sander.

Then we cleaned all that up. They're not quite finished, as I will be painting the risers (not the steps) the Pure White floor paint of the library floor, and the Composer will be cutting out trim to finish off the sides of the stairs. These are probably way too rough-looking for most people, but I love them. They are smooth and soft to the touch, and the staircase itself came from an abandoned hotel across the river. So I'm going to love it.


Josephine's Girl said...

No, they are not too rough. They are aged wood and they are gorgeous. I can't wait to see your finished project.

K. Anne said...

From one who lives in an older home with lots of wood....I LOVE it!

Unknown said...

They are beautiful. A labor of love. And even more special that they are reclaimed.

Lisa said...

I think the white paint and unstained wood combo will look very nice.


Judy said...

They are a beautiful honey tone and will look beautiful with white paint on the risers.

susan hall said...

i do like them, very much indeed , and i think they look lovely jet as they are.

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