Tuesday, August 09, 2016

All the Animals of North America, for My Walls

This morning I was thinking about what I want to hang on the walls of my little stone house, and I remembered an amazing thrift store find from several years back.

Everyone's favorite animals of North America, as presented by Mr. Audubon. I think I will be taking this former library book apart and framing these most excellent illustrations.



Lisa said...

It will look great, I'm sure! And how thrifty. In our bathroom, I have a woodcut style illustration copied from a British Country Living magazine; it's animals in marshland, all greens and blues. It looks perfect there in spring and summer.


Sarah said...

I love it! I have a collection of encyclopedia nature prints from a binder collection and have thought about doing the same thing. I think it would be an amazing sight to see when finished. Please share pics if you do it!

Anonymous said...

You can scan these and have them printed on high end paper without destroying the book ,they will look amazing. The prints in the book will not be light fast as were made to be in a book. This way you can have the book and the prints.

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