Monday, October 31, 2016

Head Above Water, Barely

Whew. This is just a busy, busy season. Travel, wedding, giant party, whole-house renovation, work. My idea is that all of it will be finished by January, and then I will sit down with Sister in my arms. 


Anonymous said...

With FW nearby, I hope? How is he doing?

K. Anne said...

But, you know what? I always sense such a calmness and peace from you, and a joy.

I know you trust the Lord and lean on Him, as do I. What are some other ways you keep your "head above water?" I am feeling similarly, in this season of life, but for some different reasons.

Anna said...

walkingthecat--FW for sure. Every morning when I sit on the top stair and lace my running shoes, he loves on me so hard I almost pitch down the stairs.

K. Anne--you're right, I'm not truly frantic. Just always working down the list! I write EVERYTHING down and mark it off in colored pencil when I'm finished. Also I have Clara on my team for this season.

Holly said...

Always make time for a kitty snuggle. Daily. You know it's good for you! 😘

Unknown said...

Anna - I check in from time to time and always love catching up on your posts. Your words always exude a sense of peace and purpose. I feel like I'm always taking mental notes on 'how to do life' from you. :)

Hope the season of busy-ness does indeed lead to a period of rest soon!

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