Monday, November 07, 2016

Hey, A Kitchen Floor!

Remember back in August when we had to take the kitchen floors in the stone house all the way back to the joists?

They stayed like that forever while the invisible but important work of plumbing, wiring, and ductwork went on.

Finally we got to close up the space, and the Composer and Nick, our darling carpenter, threw those subfloors down this weekend. Hurray!

Then the tile crew came in this morning and did all this: wow. 

Tomorrow the same thing happens in the two bathrooms!


Running with a sharp pencil said...

Wow, is that penny tile?

elizabeth said...

it's going to be so beautiful! What a lot of work! But making something good, whole and beautiful again is such an honour!

Melissa said...


Lisa said...

I didn't realize the Composer was doing so much of it. So much to do, but exciting.


Judy said...

It's looking great - how exciting to be watching the progress!

Unknown said...

I love seeing the renovation. When it is done please give us a full tour.

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