Saturday, February 11, 2017

Crocheting: Jersey Rug

Last week I cracked open the two large boxes of jersey scraps to see what was going on (besides Too Much). Lots of long, skinny scraps of not-cotton: pretty much worthless for sewing. Awkward skinny  shapes and mishmash of fibres.

So, jersey rug time. When I had pulled out everything I wanted to use, I had a pile that was knee-high. Fortunately Clara was on board, so for the last couple of days I've been cutting strips (free-hand, about two inches wide), and she's been crocheting.

This is clearly the right division of labor, since her stitches and rounds are far more beautiful and even than mine have ever been.


Anonymous said...

Those are my favorite colors! So pretty like a hyacinth or a lily. I just love it when my children excel and exceed beyond my skills, don't you? Great use of scraps btw. Insure those hands!!!

Blog Author said...

Cute!! I am making a braided rug out of denim strips from cast-off jeans. I am hoping to make it large enough to replace the two small rugs in my boys' room.

Polly said...

I like this concept, as I also have an extraordinary quantity of jersey strip scraps. But do you walk on these rugs? Are they slippery? I am envisioning a cartoonish slip-and-slide across the wood floor--albeit on a very soft, beautiful rug.

Unknown said...


Carol said...

Anna: Off the subject. I have been missing Rose's wonderful comments on your blog and just learned from that she has passed. (MD)

Simple Fascinations said...

Beautiful colors!

Anna said...

Polly, our rugs all get hard wear. They are heavy enough to stay in place. Kateri--good luck! Would love to see a picture when you finish.

Carol, it's heartbreaking, isn't it? I miss her presence here.

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear about Rose. I missed her here too!

I have made a jersey rug by braiding strips and then sewing them into an oval shape. It doesn't slip, but I was surprised by how heavy it turned out! Although theoretically it's washable, I wouldn't try fitting it in my 24 year old Indesit!

Kateri, I had thought of doing a denim version from my boys' cast-off jeans, but I think it would be REALLY heavy. So maybe stick with 2 small rugs rather than 1 bigger one.

I have also made a doormat out of strips of old socks (of which there are so many in my house!) knitted into squares and sewn together. I'm progressing with knitting, but have never managed crochet.
Linnie said...

What a wonderful team the two of you make!

Yes, so sad to hear of Rose's passing, isn't it nice that we "miss" someone we don't even know, but know about them through their comments?!

seashoreknits said...

Another very pretty rug!
Very saddened to hear news of Rose's death.
I will miss her sweet and enthusiastic and knowledgeable comments.
She just seemed like a dear person.

Anonymous said...

Rose's presence is definitely missed here. She always left such uplifting and inspiring comments.

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