Tuesday, March 21, 2017

An Update + An Iris

The girls are having their spring break so we camped this weekend. Now, I pride myself on having survived outdoors through pretty much all the difficult conditions from hail to plagues of caterpillars. This one was new though: fog so extremely thick we couldn't see thirty feet. It wasn't raining but water was running out of our hair. 


I've been whittling away at a sizable work project. Fortunately it's easily quantified so I know just where I stand. Running up a tally and marking things off a list are very motivating rewards for me.


And today we brought our crib down from the attic. We'll be hosting a friend's foster baby for the next couple of days. *Lots* of attic dust to deal with, and the Composer is out at Walmart right now buying new sheets. I guess I'm a little excited.


Lana said...

You will be ready for grandchildren some day!

the momma said...

Daisy will LOVE having that baby in the house for sure!
(that fog. I can't even imagine...)

Unknown said...

Oh, how I miss having a baby around! Have a wonderful time!

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