Saturday, March 25, 2017

I'm @ The Factory

It's close enough to my birthday/ the Composer is always up for a little road trip/ who needs a reason to visit Alabama Chanin again?

A jumble of salvaged chairs painted in cheery colors.

Stenciled pieces available for sale. I think these may be journal cover size.

The collection garments are so substantial--even monumental--in person.

I absolutely love the varying shades of white and cream and the different elaborate treatments in the wedding collection. Of course.

My real business today was choosing a small palette of fabrics for some new summer clothes. Two pale grey, some hyacinth, and a dab of pink.

I tried very hard to stick to my plan. And also remember to get foldover elastic. Done.

Eye candy: this "Lace" stencil which is one of my favorites ever. Here are three treatments. I love the top one because of the extra row of stitching above the edge of the design, which carries the embellishment further into the plain fabric (this is an elaborate scarf, so beautiful). Also love the coppery sequins filling the cut-out spaces at the bottom.

Then here you can see the same stencil treated differently--the dark areas are totally filled in with coppery bugle beads. Oh my word.

And finally, below, the same stencil done in a black appliqué on pale pink, with all those openings filled in with black beading. Just like glamorous lingerie from the fifties.


Polly said...

Oh, how fun! I love that lace stencil, too, and all its incarnations. Copper + cream = beautiful. The hyacinth and grays are so pretty, and will look beautiful with your skin tone.

You were smart to be so well-prepared. When I was there I was so overwhelmed that I lost my head a bit and had a hard time focusing on what to buy. Next time, and I hope there is a next time, I'll be armed and ready.

It's wonderful that you can take a quick weekend trip to Florence! It's a half-day drive for us, alas. Enjoy....and pop into the FLW Usonian house if you didn't do that on one of your previous trips. It's unique.

Rain said...

So lovely! Thanks for the tour.

seashoreknits said...

Enjoyed this post tremendously.
I hadn't seen the Lace stencil before and I can't believe how beautiful it is!
And how coincidental - I have been pulling my jersey fabrics out and planning my own new AC project this very weekend.
Can't wit to see what you are planning, Anna.
Thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

Choosing and musing over new summer clothes-to-be! So lovely! I grew up just having to use whatever hand-me-downs came my way, and I tend to carry that over into my adult years. Year after year I drag out the same box of seasonal clothing...just a bit more pulled, just a bit more faded, just a bit more stained or stretched or discolored from last year, but still some wear left in them, especially since I spend most of my time at home. But, there is something uplifting and almost needful about new clothing for the seasons. It helps one feel better and more put together and able to more productively tackle their day!

Lisa said...

It must be very inspiring to see their work up close. Although your own creations are pretty inspiring to me!


Unknown said...


Lisa said...

What a fantastic trip! My husband and I were there last month for our 10th wedding anniversary and spent an entire wonderful day at AC!! No words can truly describe seeing and feeling their collection and work up close and personal. We found there are so many fun things to do around Florence too. Happy (early) Birthday!! :)

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