Thursday, March 16, 2017

My Mostly Off-Line Lent (So Far)

Much reading, thinking, and discussion going on in the house about the issues surrounding Distraction by Technology. Lots of practicing the discipline of being unplugged.

Also experiencing an unprecedented interest in leather notebooks:

 (much cheaper on ebay than on the Filofax website!)

And in old-fashioned letter-writing. I use Daisy's piano lesson as my Correspondence Hour. 


Rozy Lass said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm looking for good non-fiction books to read this year.

~ Shannon said...

Looks like you are making good use of your unplugged time! I haven't read "Alone Together," but I did read Sherry Turkle's "Reclaiming Conversation" -- it was excellent, if rather lengthy/repetitive. Advances in technology are coming at such a rapid pace that I feel we haven't had time to evaluate their consequences!

Love that notebook; there's just something about leather!


Margo said...

fascinating. My library has The Shallows and I've just requested it.

Also, I adore letter writing and I must make time to do it more often. Nothing like choosing the paper, the envelope, the stamp, enjoying the pleasure of my handwriting.

Rebecca said...

I hope you'll give us a report after Easter.

We got smart phones for the first time when our Clara went to college. I've noticed a down-turn in my productivity and I think it's the seconds of phone-checking throughout the day.

Anonymous said...

I've gotten a lot of enjoyment from a leather cover from Oberon, which I have adapted with elastic to hold several different soft cover notebooks. It is my portable brain.There are youtube videos about how to insert the elastic, once you are ready to be back online, search "faux-dori" or midori-style notebooks.

Farrah said...

I just put those books on hold at my library. I look forward to reading them! I've given up personal social media (I'm a social media manager so I could not give it up professionally). Have you found that you've grown closer to The Lord without technology?

Kim said...

Last year we listened with our kids to the CD's of Reclaiming Conversation by Sherry Turkle of MIT; it was very good! Also, we took them to see Screenagers, which was also excellent. Highly recommended for tweens and teens and even older people - who sometimes are happy to just endorse unlimited technology for our kids. Lastly, Simon Sinek has a thought provoking 15 minute video on Millennials and Technology.

I'm a STEM Coordinator, so this matters very much to me. Most of our students and even adults, use technology passively vs. using it actively to make our lives better and to limit it's usage!

Rebecca said...

Hello Anna,

I am also spending Lent off-line, in a manner of speaking. I am avoiding social media sites that cause so much static and dis-content in my heart and choosing more meaningful methods of communicating with myself and others, i.e. journaling, letter-writing, email, commenting on blogs(!). The Carr book sounds interesting.

Do you not find it easier to "give up" something than it is to do what one ought? For instance, I may not frequent social media sites throughout the day, but do I fill that time instead in visiting the Word and prayer? I'm afraid I don't. May God help me do better!


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