Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Japanese Craft Magazines for Sale

 I'm spring cleaning my bookshelves and have many beautiful Japanese craft magazines to sell! These are all in excellent condition with all the patterns intact--however, if they came with a packaged fabric sample, that won't be included. I'll list the available issues below each picture, and will remove titles as they are sold. To buy, please send me an email at pleasantviewschoolhouse  (at)  gmail then a dot then com. I'll send you a paypal invoice. First come, first served.

Each issue is $8. If you want to know more about an issue, please ask Mr. Google. Also, be aware that these are actually in the Japanese language, although the patterns are usable by anyone able experienced in following a pattern--very clear diagrams. 

Cotton Friend

Volume 23
Volume 30
Volume 31
Volume 32
Volume 34
Volume 37
Volume 38
Volume 39
Volume 44
Volume 45

Cotton and Paint

 Volume 27

Cotton Time

Volume 78
Volume 89
Volume 90
Volume 95
Volume 97
Volume 99
Volume 100
Volume 101
Volume 106


Lisa said...

It's funny that they gave them English titles, isn't it? There are many intrepid crafters out there who aren't daunted by unknown languages (such as yourself!)


Sandi said...

Cotton Friend...


Great title!

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