Monday, May 08, 2017

Everything is Pink

Everything blooming in the garden right now is pink--phlox, fairy roses, spirea, salvia.

In other news, I posted my entire collection of Marie Claire Idees magazines in my etsy shop. If you're in need of inspiration for seasonal beauty, check it out!


Kate said...

We just finished our season of yellow here in Upstate New York. Yellow baby chicks, yellow forsythia, yellow daffodils. The tulips are up now in their variety of colors, but otherwise it is very green. The leaves are still young and not quite fully stretched due to extended cold and rainy weather. The grass is growing quickly, though, and thick. The rain has made it impossible to mow lawns. Pink will come later here.

Anonymous said...

How,do you keep the kitties out of your flower arrangements?!? My two are not quite a year old, and think flower arrangements are there especially for them. To destroy. ;)

-Michele N.

Lisa said...

You have a pink spirea? I have not seen that before.


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