Thursday, June 22, 2017

It's Hydrangeas and Hospitality

We are in between houseguests for a few days--I don't think I mentioned we just finished hosting a friend from Taiwan who stayed with us twenty years ago and was brave enough to come back :)

We had a great time showing her the ins and outs of our daily life--from organ practice to Sunday dinner to tattooing the rabbits' ears to picking blueberries.

Tonight we celebrated Felix's birthday, a joy. The Composer suggested gifts inspired by things Felix had borrowed recently, so he got a cat carrier and an ice chest. I guess he's a grown-up now.


Davene Grace said...

"The Composer suggested gifts inspired by things Felix had borrowed recently." - Maybe it's the lateness of the hour, but this is making me chuckle.

Gorgeous hydrangeas, too! I planted three hydrangea bushes this year - my first experiment with them - and so far, they haven't died, but they haven't produced much evidence of growth either. And certainly no blooms! Maybe next year? Meanwhile, I'll admire yours. :)

Margo said...

Love those gifts and that's a good tip for any gift-giving! As a middle-aged adult, I STILL could use a good ice chest :)

Lisa said...

They have a cat? He's definitely settled!

Lisateresa said...

Ha, that's the same with us, tools for our son now that he has a "fixer-upper" also!
Love your pretty Depression glass goblets, I have just one left from a set, I use my things and they do break.

Kate at Wonderful Life Farm said...

Oh my! And that, right there, explains why I have enjoyed your blog for more than ten years now...we share a wry sense of humor. Love it!

Unknown said...

Lol. Beautiful table.

seashoreknits said...

Felix and I share a birthday!
And I also received a lovely arrangement of blue and pink hydrangeas from our yard, along with dusty pink lilies.
Your centerpiece is lovely, Anna.

Happy birthday Felix!

Rozy Lass said...

Our children tell me they know they're an adult when they get excited about underwear and socks for their birthday.

Beer said...

Thanks for your hospitality. Enjoy staying with your lovely family. You keep a harmonious parent-child relationship give children an excellent environment for the growth. All of them are excellent. Congratulations.
Happy birthday to Felix!

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