Saturday, August 26, 2017

Five Photos of a Collie Puppy

Felix and Molly have acquired a collie puppy named Lily.

She'll be staying with us on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

We've never had a dog around, but Daisy is fully in love.

Can't think why.


Unknown said...

Awe so cute!Christina

Holly said...

She looks like a Steiff animal! She's absolutely lovely! Is she a rough or smooth collie?

Lisa said...

She looks like a toy!


Laura Lane said...

Super cute little critter!

Carie Dirks said...

Cute and fluffy!! What do the two cats think?

Rebecca said...

She is adorable! I was always a cat person growing up, but when I met my husband, he had two rescue mutts named Lucky and Irish (about 50 lbs each). The first three months of marriage, I resented them and the piles of fur that appeared on the hardwood floors. I banished them to the back yard on temperate days so I could clean! And then somehow they found their way into my heart and convinced me that I really was a dog person after all. If they played well with other dogs, we would have two or three more dogs in the house. (Think: All Creatures Great and Small!)

Polly said...

Don't tell Felix and Molly, but acquiring a dog was our warm-up act to acquiring a baby!

She's just adorable! I'm thinking you're getting a pretty great deal: enjoying the cuteness of a puppy without the work of taking care of one *all* the time. I bet Daisy's excited!

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