Monday, September 11, 2017

First We Shave a Goat

Daisy is gearing up for the county fair, where she will be fully engaged showing chickens, rabbits, and Dulcie (see above), as well as serving as a Fair Ambassador for 4H, which means she will assist with a horse show, a hog show, chicken and rabbit check-ins, etc.

 It boggles my mind that three years ago she was a wondering, big-eyed little girl gazing admiringly at the fair exhibits, and now she's wearing cowboy boots and helping run the world.

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Lisa said...

We are on out last 4-H'r and 10th year of fair, so thankful for these great opportunities for my kids. Next to last fair this year and I think I will miss it when it's gone. Way to go Daisy!! My kids like when their animals win, but showmanship is what they really want.

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