Monday, October 02, 2017

A Dainty Little Quilt

This is a crib-size quilt, just nine blocks of the tiny dainty prints you see here.

 Some of the fabrics are vintage, some are Japanese.

I did a second version of this quilt that's a little larger, but it's not quilted yet. I'm in the middle of a compulsion to use up ALL my scraps.

It's making for a lot of quilts.


Carol said...

I have begun to collect some small quilt squares that I hope to one day make into a quilt.

Melissa said...

Very pretty! I know, I want to do that also, so I can buy some of the new, lovely pieces that are out there now.

Unknown said...

So precious! Christina

Lisa said...

So pretty. I like the squares with the white in the center.


Judy said...

What a sweet, little quilt.

Mat. Anna said...

The simplicity really highlights the prints which might otherwise be lost in a larger pattern.

The Mayo Family said...

As always a lovely quilt!
Is there a sweet lil-one in mind or will this be in your shop?
Also, what pattern did you do here? I'm working on a log cabin
and my girls say it's just like Miss Anna's in Alabama! Smile
Have a beautiful blessed day~Lori

JDS said...

Years ago I made quilts for my sons based on a photo you posted. It had a colorful rectangle and then two white rectangles...repeat...repeat. they are still using the quilts at age 11 and 12. I am going to design one like this one also! Love it.

Sandi said...

I like it!

Anonymous said...

Sweet beautiful quilt.


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