Monday, October 09, 2017

All In

 I'm serious about using up all my scraps. It might not be this week, but it's happening. This is a gigantic quilt top to get things started. I pieced it using these instructions which of course I could not follow properly. I cut four strips, sewed them together, then cut them in half, then cut them into triangles. At that point, Clara looked over my shoulder and said, "You needed to sew these two squares together first. That's why it shows the fabric in the sewing machine. "

Who knew? Well, I know now. I'm probably about to make another one of these, not quite so big, and then take stock. Scraps, your days are numbered.



Kim said...

You really amaze me with the amount of sewing, painting, gardening, remodeling, and cooking you do in a short time. Do you have any suggestions on motivation at 50? It seems my engine isn't running at full capacity lately! ;)
The quilt is beautiful as always. Just trying to wrap my mind around the process......that is why YOU are quilting, and I am just enjoying your progress from afar.
Many blessings!
In His Service,

Carol said...

That is going to be a nice quilt even if it is just using scraps.

Unknown said...

What a gift that you can create with your daughter. That's beautiful! Christina

Circle R Corral said...

I like the random rhythm the piecing created!
...Kaleidoscope View :: Black Dress Summer Garden

Lisa said...

You are making me laugh! How many times have I sewed the left sleeve onto the right side of the blouse, and the right onto the left? Well, more than once, I assure you! It seems too that I also misunderstood some sewing instructions recently - in haste and impatience - and messed things up, but have since put the details out of my mind. :D Why dwell on it? It'll happen again soon enough (to paraphrase Mr. Bennett).


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