Monday, December 04, 2017

The Power of Habit

I am loving this book, The Power of Habit. It's making me rethink all of my routines and rituals, wondering how I can harness them up to hone in on things I want to change and accomplish.

It's a very easy read, and I've been reflecting as I go through the book on positive habits I've succeeded in installing (flossing, housecleaning, planning), and negative habits I want to ditch. It's the whole idea of changing your course by a single degree, to find yourself miles away from where you would have been. Exciting, and perfectly time for a new year!


Carol said...

Interesting book I bet. I am finding that my rituals are going to have to change. I have become much more lax in my work at home and I need to get the fire going again.

Polly said...

Oh, thank you for the tip! I am very much a creature of habit and very much devoted to my habits...unfortunately, I have devotion to good ones *and* negative ones. I really believe in habits because they lessen the taxing burden of decision-making, particularly on minor matters. (I am actually trying to develop the habit of planning *less* these days, though. Planning seems to be a double-edged sword in my life.)

I'm going to check this book out of the library!

Margo said...

Really pleased my library has this book. I'm intrigued.

Sara Bette said...

I like that book too! I would also suggest Gretchen Rubin's book Better than Before. It's all about habits too.

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