Wednesday, July 17, 2013

So Many Petals: Alabama Chanin Bloomers Stencil

One of the very first Alabama Chanin designs offered, "Bloomers." I've never worked with it in the multitude of repeats (though I've used the single stencil handily included in Natalie Chanin's first book--in fact, I think it was the stencil I cut my jersey teeth on). 

Cutting it out of pennant felt today, using my hot stencil-cutting tool, and planning some green-on-green goodness for later in the week.


Sarah said...

I'm so intrigued by this, though I've yet to try it! Your projects along these lines always turn out so beautifully. Pennant felt - is that a wool, a cotton, or what?

Can't wait to see what's in the cooker.

Anna said...

It's a heavy, rather unpleasant, acrylic, that's perfect for this purpose, and sold by Alabama Chanin for this purpose.

~ Shannon said...

It's so ironic that you should post this just now; I've been inspired to try some reverse applique after seeing Natalie Chanin's workshops on, and "Bloomers" was the design I was planning to use!

I can't wait to see the green on green -- all of your reverse applique is so lovely!


the momma said...

a link to your cutting tool, please? I'm looking forward to seeing the loveliness you'll have whipped up in no time.

Anna said...

Here's the cutter I bought.

the momma said...

Well, I'll be! I never knew such a thing existed. It looks very much like a wood burning tool, but maybe it doesn't get quite as hot?
Thanks for the link!

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