Saturday, September 24, 2005

Confessions of a Former Child Prodigy

Yes, I used to be a Child Prodigy. I graduated from high school at age 16, from a prestigious liberal arts college at 18, and from law school at 21 (I took a semester off, or I would have been 20!). I took my first college course at age 13 and got an A. By the time I was 16 I had almost two years of college credit earned in college classes, and it all felt easy. I was grateful to finish my formal education quickly because then I was free to get on with what I had always felt was the real business of life--marriage and family.

God was so good to send me my husband when I least expected him, in the down time between college and law school. We met on a blind date, got engaged 35 days later, and were married within five months of our first meeting--I was a child bride of 19.

Where has all this prodigiousness gotten me? Right here. I am so content with my life--no, not content--so happy. I have felt since I was a tiny girl the call to be a wife and mother. There is no better use for my time or talent. Law is fun and exciting two or three hours a week; it is satisfying to know that I am helping people who need it. But it is a distant second to my real work, which is done at home, with my husband and children. I thank the Lord for what He had planned for me since the beginning of time, and it's my daily prayer that He will bless the work He has given me to do.


janXjoplin said...

Graduating early doesn't make you a child prodigy. Now composing at 4 or possibly passing a bar exam at 8 would.

Seems strange to have a blog, just to erase comments. You know you can set it to not allow comments. Or does deleting me give you a power trip?

Just wondering what trips your trigger.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog entry interesting. It sounds as if you enjoyed school ... and law school as well.

And I think that starting college courses at age 13 is pretty prodigious. Especially when I compare with MY 13-yr-old and her friends -- they would not be inclined to do the extra work for a serious course.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I tend to visit here for a breath of fresh air and never fail to find just that. Was surfing your archives for more wonderful old book titles and saw this post. I graduated a bit early (minus the prodigy part) and was married at 18. Its been two decades since!

Miss Theresa said...

This post was paticularly meaningful to me. Thank you for sharing about yourself so personally. God Bless!

Libby said...

This post is such an inspiration. Especially the part about you discovering God's purpose for your life. I know that all of your gifts, talents, and graces are beneficial in your home. Thank you! :-)

Raven said...

My mother sent me a link to this post and it made me smile; I am almost 17 and currently engaged :3 Your post gave me hope and an optimistic outlook!

Farrah said...

What encouraged your prodigious intelligence? I'm always searching! Please write a book!

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