Friday, September 23, 2005

Vintage Loves: Grace Livingston Hill

I discovered the charms of Grace Livingston Hill several years ago, and have leaned heavily on her for what escapist reading I do these days. In a GLH novel, the heroine may be poverty-stricken, but her shabby frock is well-chosen and in the dim light of a fashionable restaurant, it can pass for couture, especially since she has brushed and steamed her little velvet hat until it looked like new. .

Heroines in GLH's world often tie pink ruffled organdy aprons on over their dainty cotton dresses, before stirring up waffles for their hungry families. . . They frequently stop in at drugstores for lunch, and order tomato bisque and crisp crackers. Many of them are able to run their households singlehandedly, at young ages, and keep their homes as fresh and dainty as flowers, and that without any servant at all!

I prefer the books from the 20's, 30's, and 40's--her later works--to the very earliest ones. I prefer my heroines making their way through the first part of this century, rather than her historical fiction. Check out The Enchanted Barn, Partners, A New Name, Re-Creations, Maris. . .

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rhubarbpie said...

I think I read the "Enchanted Barn" when I was in high school. I loved how the rich, but otherwise worthy young man, who just happened to own a barn that she needed to rent for her impovrished family to live in for the summer kept coming up with excuses to add furnishings to the barn for her.

"Of course all barns have chimneys. How else do you think that we keep the cows warm?"

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