Thursday, September 29, 2005

Last Minute Flurry

Having spent more time in court this week than I usually do, entertained four houseguests for two days, and tied up many loose ends around the house, I've almost run out of time to finish packing! My list goes something like contact case, raisins, umbrella, underwear, passport...After the kids are in bed I will think and make progress.

Daisy has put her foot down and said that she Will Not wear shoes with hard soles, even if she will be walking through puddles in London. So bossy. So the precious leopard spot mary janes will go back to Hanna Anderson and we will board the plane in a new pair of soft Bobux--these are pale blue with Doggies on them. I think there's a Blues' Clues thing going on but I'm ignoring it, since we don't watch.

Wish us luck!

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