Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Home Again

Safely home and almost over jetlag! Although still getting up industriously early (Daisy's up too, but not that industrious). Altogether we had a delightful trip--traveling with a baby was really a blessing as it attracted a great deal of needed assistance and friendliness. I have never seen so many people willing to hoist the front of a stroller into a tube train.

The underground was the setting of my greatest triumph--navigating foreign public transportation unassisted. Daisy and I are now great fans of London's subway system.

My other triumph was successful use of the digital camera. I am so technologically ungifted its not credible (that's why I have Giles; he takes care of everything). Having reviewed my travel photos, I realize that I am bored to tears by pictures of monuments and famous buildings, but really enjoy the out-of-the-way corners that capture more of a place's details. With that in mind, I submit the following:

front stoop

sidewalk display

complementary colors

revelling in fresh sea air in Cromer

vegetables in North Walsham

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