Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday: Baskets of Fresh Laundry

I enjoy doing laundry. How can I complain? I load dirty things into a nice white machine, push the buttons, and clothes and linens come out clean! Then I get to hang them on the clothesline, a favorite chore. I love to see my clothes sorted into whites and colors, looking nice on the line. These last hot dry days of September, everything dries quickly. And on rainy or cold days, the dryer is nice and cozy and Felix and Clara squabble over who gets to sit on it to do schoolwork.

It's an instant gratification chore. Within a few hours, clothes are folded and back in baskets, ready to be used again. I especially like a nice stack of fresh dish towels in all their happy red, pink, and orange colors.

Daisy has inherited my love for laundry and always dashes to the indoor drying rack to hang up/remove items as she pleases. A basket of clean wet laundry will keep her busy for minutes on end, removing, sorting, and putting back. She's a well-oiled machine.

My theory on chores is that, as adults, we hate doing what we were forced to do as children--and conversely, don't mind at all doing the things we weren't allowed or encouraged to do. My mother never let us touch the laundry; I fear I'm perpetrating the same selfish "cycle" in my own home. Be that as it may, I'm keeping it for myself. The children can climb into their fresh white sheets tonight and dream of the day when they get to do their own laundry.


Unknown said...

I never really thought about chore psychology. I love how they do school on the dryer. Made me laugh!

Unknown said...

Laundry is such a joy! I'm especially fond of clean, fresh air scented, sheets. And a row of neatly ironed shirts is a pleasure to see hanging in the closet : )

Anonymous said...

Anna I was just trawling through your archives and came across this post. I too love laundry, I even refer to it as 'my' laundry rather than 'the' laundry! However here in Ireland we don't use driers very much and with the constant rain and dampness it can takes days to dry, especially in winter so no lovely basket full of dry clothes at the end of day.

I am finally realising my dream of moving to a cottage in the country but have been warned that as the water comes from a well I shouldn't 'go mad with the washing' as the locals put it, or apparently the well will run dry!

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