Sunday, September 11, 2005

Schoolhouse Photo

I love this picture; it's the earliest picture of our home that I have found, and it also came to us in a wonderful way. Eleven years ago my husband and I were hanging out here in town, thinking about buying this house (we lived in the city 75 miles away). We stopped in an antique store to poke around, and the Composer was flipping through a box of old portraits. He picked one up labelled "Fair View School", but when he looked closer (as you can too now!) he saw that it was indeed "Pleasant View School", the home we were thinking of buying. That sealed the deal for us, as we considered it to be one of those quiet whispers from God steering us this way instead of that.

So here we are today! The building exterior looks a lot like it did back then, only it has been painted red ever since it's been a home. We still, occasionally, have strangers pull up the driveway to tell us that they went to school here, or that their father taught here. And of course, with our homeschooling children, it is a schoolhouse once again!

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