Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Making a Duct Tape Dress Form

While attempting to pin darts into the back of a blouse I was wearing (not successful), I decided the time had come for a dress form that actually replicates my figure. True, I have Lucille and am very grateful for her. She's a dial-up dress form and great for holding a dress or skirt for hemming, buttons, setting sleeves, etc. But even when I match her bust, waist, and hip measurements to mine, we still are not at all the same shape.

Enter the Duct Tape Dress Form. The always-gracious Composer spent an hour yesterday wrapping my torso in three layers of duct tape over an old tee shirt. While it was fun to look like a space warrior from the future, about halfway through I started to panic (a little claustrophobia). Visualizing and keeping the scissors close by helped.

We cut it off up the back, placed it over Lucille, and taped it back together. Now when I sit down to sew I've got the coolest sidekick ever.

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