Monday, February 06, 2006

Menu Planning Wisdom from 1940

I recently acquired a copy of America's Cook Book compiled by The Home Institute and The New York Herald Tribune, copyright 1940. So fab and a wonderful menu-planning chapter.

"It is good management to plan or assemble menus for a week or at least several days at a time. However, they should be kept elastic enough to allow for using up unexpected left-overs and to take advantage of special food bargains. In the morning plan the work for the day so that some foods may be prepared ahead to save time. Make out a tentative marketing list. Check supplies on hand against the daily order sheet [I wish!]. . .Menus once planned should be smoothly executed. Start early the food that takes longest to prepare or cook. Decide what foods can be prepared in advance for last-minute reheating and serving. . .And finally--do not be afraid to try new ideas and recipes."

And for some specific suggestions, I offer this menu for a box lunch for two:

•1 pint Chicken Salad
•4 chopped egg-bacon sandwiches
•4 nutbread sandwiches
•1 small bottle stuffed olives
•6 small sweet pickles
•2 frosted cupcakes
•1 pint sweet cherries or other fruit
•container of coffee

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