Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Hike at the Cabin

Day trip today! The Composer's dad and step-mother invited us to spend the day with them at their cabin. It's up in the mountains past many fields of cows and horses for Daisy's viewing pleasure, on a little river which at this time of year blooms an unbelievable opalescent turquoise. We managed quite a hike--about 2.5 miles up the next ridge and then back down. I don't know how the Composer did it, but he hoisted Daisy the whole way in her backpack (not her favorite).

I fixed a pot of chili to simmer at the cabin before we set out on our hike, and when we got back we were tired, hungry, and happy to sit down and eat. A big game of rummy, then we bundled into the car and drove home in the dark. The last twenty minutes of the trip featured Daisy's wailing of the phrase, "Nursey in caaaaarrrr!" one hundred and forty-one times (actually). She was very glad to hit the sack.


Lucy said...

Hi, I just had to comment and say how much I adore your beautiful blog. How inspiring you are - to raise your little ones and still find time for all else you do.

I also wanted to say that I live in Norfolk and loved seeing the photos of North Walsham (where dh and I went to 6th form college) and Cromer (where we regularly go to play on the beach) and lovely old Holt. I'm glad you liked Norfolk :o)

Magistra Mommy said...

What lovely pictures! Your descriptions make me feel as if I were there!

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